Jesus said, “You are my friends, if you do whatever I command you." (John 15:14)




What to expect at a Meeting for Worship


Quaker worship is different from many other forms of Christian worship. Quakers believe that every day is sacred, and that every worthy activity can be done in a way that praises the Creator. At their best, our Sunday worship services mirror our everyday spiritual practices. We come together to amplify our individual spiritual journey in the presence of other Friends.

Quakers also believe that everyone is a minister and that God can speak to the group through any individual, so worship is a participatory event that invites everyone to participate if they wish and as they feel led.


At Friendsville Friends Meeting we participate in worship in these ways:


Centering Down – being gathered together by God, agreeing to be fully present, tuning in to the Spirit, just being ‘here-now’. We may do this by singing, or prayer, or sitting together in silence as the Holy Spirit leads.



     Congregational Singing

     Individual/Group Singing

     Special Instrumental

Worship After the Manner of Friends


     Communion with God

     Public Prayer

     Private Prayer

     Public Testimony

     Readings of Scripture and/or devotional or Christian Writings






Come worship with us – All are welcome.


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