Jesus said, “You are my friends, if you do whatever I command you." (John 15:14)




State of Society


Trusting in His sustaining power, Friendsville Friends Meeting continues to experience a vibrancy of life in its deep and sincere worship of God in Spirit and in Truth. Regular worship services are held each Sunday led by the pastor or lay speakers. The services are augmented by the periods of worship in the manner of Friends when the Holy Spirit is quite present. The quietness as well as the testimonies lend a real nearness to God. Music also encourages a response to God's nearness.


A nurturing aspect in the Meeting has proven to be another important factor in enriching a vibrancy of life in our midst. Family nights, a telephone prayer line, friendly and welcoming individuals, encouragement of emerging gifts, and caring individuals who religiously visit and pray are all elements contributing to this nurturing  process.

Equipping individuals for priestly work is considered another necessary tool in promoting the construction of a sanctuary vibrant with life. Believing that each member is a minister, weekly Bible study, a ladies health and fitness group for the soul, mind and body, the Girl Fit for Christ group, the USFW programs, regular business meetings) special committee meetings and the constant prayer of individuals help to shape more Christ-approved lives.


However, the true measure of vibrant life in our Meeting appears to be the service that emerges when we walk out of the meeting house doors and enter into our daily routines realizing that we are chosen to be God's instruments to do His work. We maintain that our daily lives are the true indicators of the degree of life in our Meeting. The caring attitude of each member in watching out for his fellowman is quite evident in our community. Several are involved in community affairs like the volunteer fire department and first response team, the local hospital volunteer service group, the Historical Museum board, the local community improvement club, the monthly senior citizen lunch program, and monetary and material assistance to various charitable groups. Foreign missions are also faithfully remembered in prayer and funding.

And just as important is the ever-watchful and loving attitudes that members have for one another. Aid is offered in whatever manner needed, whether it be transportation, firewood, prayer, a kind and uplifting word, house repairs, encouraging notes/cards, covered dishes, cheerful phone calls, hospital visits, computer contacts, and friendly home visits.

In addition to these obvious acts there are the quiet attitudes of respect and lack of prejudices that exhibit good citizenship and Christ's love in all aspects of their actions. While loving their own spiritual family, members also attempt to treat everyone with dignity, thus striving to emulate the kind of life Christ lived.

As one of our members, now gone to be with His Savior said, "It's just the way we live!"

God's instruments to do His work And His instructions never shirk; To be complete and trust His calling We follow on - no fear of falling. 


                                                                                                                                     —Betty Henry





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